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Ruth Susan Macnofsky
Founding Member of NMSS

Even though the New Mexico Sandplay Society (NMSS) was formally established in 1994, New Mexico interest in Sandplay began in 1987 when Susan Macnofsky, LMFT, a registered art therapist and a founding member of the newly formed Sandplay Therapists of America (STA), was encouraged by colleagues and the Friends of Jung in San Diego to go to New Mexico and present a Sandplay case. Sandplay was warmly received, and in 1989 Susan was asked to present again at the IRIS conference in New Mexico.

After her second presentation, several art therapists approached Susan and requested she come to Albuquerque and teach them about Sandplay. For some time, Susan traveled from San Diego to Albuquerque on a regular basis to work with this initial group of therapists. By 1991 she was living part time in Albuquerque and part time in San Diego. In 1992 Susan moved to Placitas, and continued to provide personal Sandplay process and Sandplay training to a growing group of therapists. With the support and encouragement of those early therapists, Sandplay became an active healing force in the New Mexico therapeutic community.

In 1994 NMSS was formed to support the teaching and training of Sandplay in New Mexico. This organization has been actively involved in the therapeutic community for over 20 years, providing multiple workshops, trainings and Sand Dialogues annually. NMSS also has been an integral part of the larger Sandplay community, co-hosting the ISST International conference in 1993, the STA national conference in 2002, and the STA national assembly in 2013. Most recently NMSS co-hosted the STA national conference in November 2018.